Color Portrait

Guest Tattoo Artist Francisco Through October

FRANCISCO TORRES Francisco is a Guest Tattoo Artist from Chile with 9 years experience and has won many awards throughout his career. He specializes in Tattooing Color Realism, Black & Grey Realism, Watercolor and Full Color. Francisco is dedicated to…

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Guest Tattoo Artist Valeri & Ariel

We have 2 new Guest Tattoo Artist that are taking appointments and walk-ins now. They will be here with us through July 1st. Ariel is a Guest Tattoo Artist with more than 10 plus years experience where he has excelled…

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Chicago Tattoo Arts Convention

Chicago Tattoo Festival March 18-20

Ageless Arts Chicago Tattoo Crew is proud to be joining the 12th annual Villain Arts Chicago Tattoo Festival. Carlos, Claudio, Cuahutemoc, Danny & Omar will be tattooing at the Chicago Tattoo Festival this coming weekend March 18th through the 20th. Come…

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Agless Arts Tattoo Chicago

We are excited to be back!

  We are reopening! We are excited to be back & doing what we love & to see all you wonderful folks! Our Oak Park Tattoo Studio will be open beginning Friday May 29th & our Chicago Tattoo Studio will…

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