Sarah Miller

Sarah “Millz” Miller always had a passion for body modification and in 2016 they apprenticed to be a Body Piercer in Los Angeles, California. Originally from Chicago, they have traveled to California, Montana, Finland and Texas before returning home. They have a trauma-informed and intersectional approach to body piercing while creating and maintaining a safe space for everyone. They really enjoy piercing stacked lobes, curated ear projects, surface piercings, and larger gauge piercings. They have been to multiple conferences including the Associaton of Professional Piercers in Las Vegas, Nevada, BMXnet in Berlin, Germany and are constantly continuing their education in the industry. Their favorite metals and stones are yellow gold, chains, charms, opals, emeralds, amyethest, jade, onyx, niobium, and garnets. They love custom andozied titanium projects as well as custom built/bent titanium jewelry. When they are not in the studio, they are spending time with their American Bully, Bruno, going to metal shows, metalsmithing, playing Nintendo and traveling across the globe.


Find Sarah at Ageless Arts Tattoo in Chicago
10am to 8pm Thursday thru Monday

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