Body Piercing Apprentice Alexandra Simon-Flight

Alexandra, is resident piercer Charly’s Apprentice, who also helps front of the house and with jewelry curation. She found that piercing helped her reclaim her body and find self love and confidence. With her love for helping others, Alexandra knew from the beginning that piercing was her calling. She started getting pierced at a young age starting off with her septum and slowly collected more and more piercings. She hopes to offer full service piercings from head to toe and aiding her clients with identity whether that be giving them more self confidence or providing gender affirming work. In her free time, Alexandra loves spending time with her three cats and with her family. Her favorite metals and gemstones are white gold, niobium, chrysoprase, emeralds, garnets, black diamonds, and rubies; adding charms and chains to healed existing piercings. She appreciates all anatomy and loves to aid clients in jewelry selection that best highlights themselves.

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