Body Piercing Apprentice Alexandra Simon-Flight

Alexandra has been piercing for over a year now with the goal to make sure every client feels safe and comfortable and that every client leaves very happy with confidence in the service they received. She is super passionate about piercings and loves the work she does, performing, and discussing piercings/curations. She attends annual APP Piercing Conferences and constantly works to know more and more about the industry to provide the best service possible. Her favorite piercings to do are lower lips, rooks, floating navels, and septums. She offers a wide variety of piercings, from full ear curations to facial and body. Her favorite jewelry to work with is solid yellow gold and anodized titanium, with rubies or white opals. She loves adding charms and chains to healed existing piercings, and is always excited to help style piercings. She appreciates all anatomy and loves to aid clients in jewelry selection that best highlights themselves.
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