Quori Senyon

Quori Senyon is a Chicago based Tattooist with well over a decade of experience. He learned how to Tattoo in a Las Vegas based shop in 2001 and since has traveled between the US periodly over the years for Tattoo and art related projects. With all the hard work Quori has received a generous amount of recognition from his mentors, peers, and media publications. To this day he still holds on to his art and roots himself in -realism, smooth fine line black and Grey, and simple but effective bold color that last over time. Though Quori loves tattooing Protrait, cartoons , flowers and lettering, lately he has been enjoying simple tiny designs with strong meanings as well. Walkins are welcome if available but usually prefer a appointment or consultation which can be booked with him at www.quorisenyon.com

” I think every Tattoo should be approached with respect and care. Just like a Chef, the better the preparation, the better ingredients, the better the taste, the receipt for care.”